How do I include my teenage nephew at my wedding?

How do I include teenage siblings at my wedding?

8 Special Ways to Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding

  1. Put them in the party. …
  2. Have them host. …
  3. Have THEM say “yes” to the dress. …
  4. Send them a to-do list. …
  5. Sing us a song… …
  6. Let them lead. …
  7. Ask them to walk your grandparents down the aisle. …
  8. Use something of theirs in your big day.

How do you include little boys at your wedding?

Traditionally, a bride would often have a page boy attend her during the ceremony. Re-ignite this classic tradition in your wedding ceremony as a way for a young boy to participate. Have one boy, a couple of boys, or a boy with the flower girl, help carry the bride’s train as she walks down the aisle.

How do you include an older child in a wedding?

How to Incorporate Stepchildren Into the Wedding

  1. Give Them a Role. A classic way to include your future sons or daughters in your ceremony is giving them a role in the wedding. …
  2. Go Twinsies. …
  3. Invite Them to Join the Unity Ceremony. …
  4. Top Off the Cake. …
  5. Rock Out on the Dance Floor. …
  6. Serve a Signature Mocktail.
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What does the sister of the groom do?

The recommendations range from the fairly traditional (she can perform a reading at the ceremony or light a unity candle) to the decidedly more modern (she can be groomswoman and stand with her brother during the ceremony).

Can my son give me away at my wedding?

We’re wondering if it would be okay for her oldest son to give her away at her wedding. A: Absolutely. In fact, if she would like all three of her sons to escort her down the aisle, that’s completely appropriate.

Can a child walk you down the aisle?

Anyone can walk the bride down the aisle as long as that’s what the bride wants on their wedding day. Whether it’s the parents, the groom, or someone else, “traditional” doesn’t matter unless it’s something that makes you feel good about your day.

What can a 10 year old do in a wedding?

A typical breakdown for attendant ages is: 3 to 6: flower girl, ring-bearer, or train-bearer. 7 to 10: carry candles in procession, carry prayer book in procession, hand out programs, hand out flowers to mothers or grandmothers, or tend guestbook.

What roles can little boys play in wedding?

Roles for children to play at weddings

  • Ask guests to sign pages in a scrapbook.
  • Walk you down the aisle.
  • Hand out wedding programs or directions to the reception.
  • Serve as altar boy or altar girl.
  • Greet guests.
  • Turn pages for the musician.
  • Carry the bride’s train.
  • Hand out flowers to guests or scatter rose petals.
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How do you write a 12 year old to a wedding?

Junior Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

If want to include older children or teenagers in your ceremony, create a new role for them: junior bridesmaid or groomsman. These mini members dress like the rest of the bridal party, pose for photographs, and walk down the aisle during the processional.

Can you have two ring bearers?

It’s perfectly fine to have 2. We are having two ring bearers. The youngest one will carry a “Here Comes the Bride” sign, and the oldest will carry the rings.