What does a teenage girl wear to a wedding?

What should my daughter wear to a wedding?

By the time your child is a teenager, they should be going along with the dress code as much as any other adult guest. Sundresses and cocktail dresses for young women, suit jackets and ties for young men. When it comes to shoes, dress shoes are good, but bring along a pair of flip-flops for your daughter.

Can kids wear jeans to weddings?

Preschoolers Through Preteens. If your school-age child would wear it to a holiday service at a house of worship, it’s probably appropriate for a wedding. For a boy, think dark pants, a collared shirt and — yes, he’s old enough now — a tie, either clip-on or legitimate.

What is proper dress for a 5 o’clock wedding?

The staff suggests that if a wedding is taking place at 4 p.m. or 5 p.m., you should wear something that easily transitions from day to night; any ceremony after 6 p.m. should be strictly cocktail.

Which mother is seated first at a wedding?

In Christian ceremonies, the bride’s mother is always seated last and the groom’s mother is seated just before her. The seating of the bride’s mother usually signals the ceremony is about to begin. 7.

Who speaks first at weddings?

Whoever is hosting the event should speak first and should take the microphone as soon as guests have found their seats. This first toast is most often made by the parents (or father) of the bride and should combine both a toast to the happy couple and a welcome message to the guests.

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What should a 15 year old wear to a wedding?

Semi-Formal Attire

In the spring and summer, a light-colored suit in tan or dove gray is an ideal option. In the fall and winter, a dark suit in navy or charcoal works best. Teen girls can wear a party dress in a almost any fun shade for a semi-formal wedding; a short floral or pastel chiffon dress works well.

Can boys wear shorts to a wedding?

Casual: They may wear smart-shorts or pants and a smart-shirt. … Formal: They must wear a suit too but for young kids (toddlers) they make little tuxedos with shorts and they are good also. For a black tie wedding they can wear a full tuxedo, a suit or for the little ones a tuxedo with shorts is fine.