You asked: How do I legally get married in NC?

How do you get married at the courthouse in NC?

You can get one by filing an application with a County Register of Deeds Office. You’ll both need to appear at the clerk’s office, fill out an application, sign it, and pay a license fee, usually $60. You can get your marriage license immediately (there isn’t a waiting period).

What are the requirements for marriage in NC?

In order to get a marriage license in North Carolina you must meet the following requirements:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old (or at least 16 with proof of consent of both parents); and.
  • Parties under 16, but at least 14, may marry with a court order.

Who can legally perform a marriage in NC?

A magistrate, who is the only civil officer authorized to perform marriages, conducts civil ceremonies. Religious ceremonies are performed by someone in any religious group that’s authorized to solemnize marriages. All marriages must have two witnesses.

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Can I get married right now in NC?

Marriage Applicants

Anyone over 18 years of age can legally marry in North Carolina without parental consent.

Can you get a marriage license and get married the same day in NC?

Once a marriage license is obtained, you may be married immediately. No waiting period is required. You must marry within 60 days of the license being issued or the license expires.

Can a notary marry you?

If a Notary Public is ordained or receives a one-day officiant designation, they can also perform the ceremony and solemnize the wedding rites.

How much is a marriage license in NC?

Applicants must not already be married. Applicants must be getting married within 60 days of license issuance. Applicants must be getting married in the State of North Carolina. $60.00 (Cash, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check) is the fee to obtain a marriage license.

Can a pastor marry a couple without a marriage license?

The answer is the couple cannot be legally married without a marriage license present. If the Officiant performs the wedding ceremony without a valid marriage license they have committed a misdemeanor. … The couple will have to have a commitment ceremony in this case.

How many wives can you have in North Carolina?

Having multiple contemporaneous marriages in North Carolina is not allowed. It is very uncommon for someone to intentionally be married to two people at once. More common is the situation in which someone gets married before their previous marriage is completely dissolved.

Can a friend marry you in North Carolina?

It is a trend these days to have a friend or relative go online and purchase their ordination and perform your wedding and sign the marriage license. This is legal in many states but it is NOT legal in North Carolina (or Virginia) and never has been.

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Can someone ordained online legally marry in North Carolina?

Regardless of the size of your wedding, you still need a qualified officiant to perform your ceremony since online ordination isn’t legal in NC.

What is considered marital property in North Carolina?

Marital property is all property acquired or earned during the marriage up until the date of separation. Pensions, retirement benefits, and other deferred compensation rights earned during the marriage are also marital property.

Can you elope in North Carolina?

If you wish to elope in North Carolina, whether you live here or live in another state, you will need to obtain your marriage license from a Register of Deeds office prior to your wedding day.

Can I get a marriage license online?

You can begin the application process to receive a Marriage License online via “City Clerk Online”. This will speed up the process which then must be completed in person at the Office of the City Clerk. … You must wait a full 24 hours before your Marriage Ceremony can be performed unless you obtain a Judicial Waiver.

Where do I go to get married?

The easiest place to go for your marriage license is the county clerk’s office. “If all documentation is in order, you can plan to spend about an hour there,” says Hanes. You can even try to make an appointment beforehand so that you don’t have to wait too long.