You asked: Should I share my engagement on Instagram?

Should I announce my engagement on social media?

Don’t announce your engagement immediately

Good engagement etiquette dictates that you make sure that you’ve contacted all your close family members and friends personally before posting. “The best way is via a short phone call or personal email,” says Rachel Wagner, licensed corporate etiquette consultant.

Should you announce your engagement?

Unless you are estranged from your family, it’s usually best to tell parents and siblings, even if you otherwise don’t want to announce the news. Keep in mind that if your beloved asked for the blessing of your parents, they are likely expecting to hear about the engagement any day now.

Which engagement rings are tacky?

What Makes My Ring Tacky?

  • Size. Rings that are too large in size can often be regarded as tacky, as they overwhelm the hand and seem excessive to wear.
  • Style. …
  • Stone Size.

How do you tell your family you’re engaged?

Deciding how to tell your parents you’re engaged is a personal choice. Consider sharing the news over a nice dinner or through a creative engagement announcement. If you can’t see them in person, a video chat or phone call will suffice.

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Who should announce an engagement?

Traditional engagement etiquette recommends that the bride’s parents be the first to be informed of their daughter’s engagement. Tell them in person, if possible—after all, they’re going to want to hug you and make a fuss! If they live too far away, a phone call is the next-best option. Are your parents divorced?

How do you announce engagement at work?

Tell Your Boss First

Do it right away, and be direct. Let them know your general timeline, like if you’re not planning to get married any time in the next six months. And reassure them you’ll be thinking about your professional obligations when choosing the date and planning.

Why do people send engagement announcements?

Essentially, an engagement announcement lets your friends and family know the good news in the form of a card delivered via the mail. If an engagement party is in your future, the announcement can double as an invite!

Do you send engagement announcements to people not invited to the wedding?

It is most definitely proper for you to send announcements to people whom you’d like to have at the wedding but can’t squeeze in. It’s even proper to send announcements to people whom you wouldn’t ordinarily invite, but who might be pleased and interested to know about your son’s marriage.

How do you say Happy engagement?


  1. “Here’s to your engagement! …
  2. “Cheers on your engagement!”
  3. “Here’s to a very happy engagement and a lifetime of love.”
  4. “Cheers to the two of you…and to the love you share!”
  5. “May your engagement be happy. …
  6. “A toast to your engagement! …
  7. “Here’s to the wonderful two of you! …
  8. “Celebrating your engagement!
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How do you call a friend for engagement?

“We will soon be one. So we invite you as we make it official. Join us and make us more proud of our engagement!” “Dear friend, I invite you to my engagement ceremony with (Name Of Bride/Groom) to be conducted on (Date) at my residence.”