Best answer: Do they end up together in 5 year engagement?

Is The Five-Year Engagement sad?

But The Five-Year Engagement, with a script co-written by Segel and Stoller, feels poignant and real in a way few raunch comedies are. What drives the sadness is a universal familiar: the act of sacrificing for someone you love, and the long-term consequences of making those concessions.

Did Chris Pratt sing 5 year engagement?

Getting back to Five-Year Engagement. There’s a great scene [spoiler alert] where Alison Brie and Chris Pratt sing a song in Spanish, at their own wedding. … It’s called “Cucurrucucú [Paloma]” and it’s a famous Spanish song; Caetano Veloso sings it.

Is Emily Blunt friends with Jason Segel?

Segel and Blunt have been friends for years, and he says Blunt “can do anything.” “She can be funny, she can be dramatic, and all that’s going to be required if I think this movie is what it’s going to be,” he said.

Is the five year engagement worth watching?

The Five Year Engagement isn’t perfect, but it’s a commercial date movie with warmth, sweetness, charm and laughs, and some witty wedding scenes surely inspired by our own Richard Curtis. … The movie deploys an odd-couple pairing: beefy, goofy, well-meaning Segel with elegant, wand-thin Emily Blunt.

Can Chris Pratt really sing?

Is Chris Pratt a good singer and guitar player? … But yeah, he’s a decent enough singer—certainly compared to other actors I’ve worked with. He’ll hear it, and he can get it on key.

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Who is the husband of Emily Blunt?