How do I choose a wedding vendor?

What makes a good wedding vendor?

Meyer suggests choosing wedding vendors who match your style, personality and budget. Do your research by checking out their work, reading their reviews, and setting up a meeting with your top choices.

How do you politely tell a wedding vendor?

Here’s how to tell a wedding vendor no, you won’t be hiring them.

  1. Decide ASAP. Declining to go with a wedding vendor you’ve spent a little bit of time getting to know is not impolite—it’s all part of the game. …
  2. Don’t stress. …
  3. Stay respectful. …
  4. Express gratitude. …
  5. Refer them if you wish. …
  6. Keep it simple.

Which wedding vendors should you book first?

“Always book the service providers who cannot take on more than one wedding first, including the wedding planner, caterer, photographer, and band or DJ. Many other vendors (such as cake designers, florists, etc.)

How do wedding planners find vendors?

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  • Attend Networking Events. Check out local industry events to meet and connect with other wedding and event vendors in your area. …
  • Read Online Reviews. …
  • Read Blogs from Other Event Planners. …
  • Join a Local Facebook Group. …
  • Connect on Social Media.
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How do you kindly reject a wedding vendor?

“Hi (Vendor’s Name), Thank you so much for your proposal and taking the time to walk us through your services. We’ve decided to move forward with another (photographer or any other vendor) that better suited our wedding (or any other reason – budget, personality, style, etc.). Thanks again for your time!”

How do you say no to vendors?

How to Politely Decline a Sales Offer

  1. Thank the Person.
  2. Deliver the News Directly.
  3. Explain Your Reasoning.
  4. Suggest Other Ways of Partnership (If Appropriate)
  5. Keep the Professional Tone of Voice.
  6. Don’t Explain Rejection with Price.
  7. End Your Email Appropriately.
  8. Rejection with a Willingness to Receive Other Service Offers.

What are the types of wedding vendors?

We’ve put together a wedding vendor checklist to help you cover your bases when searching for your perfect vendors.

  • Venue. …
  • Officiant. …
  • DJ. …
  • Wedding Photographer/Videographer. …
  • Caterer. …
  • Bakery. …
  • Florist. …
  • Don’t Forget the Extra Touches.

What is considered a wedding vendor?

A wedding vendor is anyone that you pay for products or services for your wedding. Products can include: invitations, a wedding dress, wedding favors, etc. Services can include: catering, transportation, music, etc.

When should I book a florist for my wedding?

Ideally, I recommend booking a florist 6 to 9 months in advance, but many popular dates book 12 to 18 months ahead of time, so if flowers are important to you and you want to make sure you get that florist you had your eyes on for a while, book as soon as you can.

Is hiring a wedding planner worth it?

Wedding Planning

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Experts suggest setting aside 5-10% of your wedding budget for a wedding planner. Doing so goes far beyond convenience — in the end, a wedding planner helps couples save money and time while providing peace of mind on their wedding day.

How far in advance should you hire a wedding planner?

Wedding Planner (Immediately following engagement)

For a standard engagement, you should hire your wedding planner more than twelve months in advance of your wedding date.