Is Wedding Cake strain more indica or Sativa?

Is Wedding Cake shatter sativa or indica?

Wedding Cake is a hybrid with indica-dominance that is attained by crossing Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Smoakland now brings it to you in Shatter form. It is known to give an exceptionally sweet aromatic essence and a fruity flavor.

Is wedding cake strain good for sleep?

Wedding Cake. A cross between Cherry Pie and GSC, Wedding Cake can have relaxing, calming effects, but watch for its appetite-stimulating properties — consume after dinner if you’re headed to bed.

Is Wedding Cake a high yielder?

Unfortunately, the Wedding Cake strain doesn’t really taste like a wedding cake, but rather earthy and sour. Only towards the end do you get a slight hint of sugary sweetness. But despite its deceiving name, the Wedding Cake strain is super potent, with THC levels around 27%.

Why is Wedding Cake strain so popular?

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a cannabis strain created with special genetic techniques that provide a stable high and a vivid taste. … Wedding Cake strain gets more and more popular due to its universal effects – it is excellent for medical as well as recreational purposes.

What is the rarest strain?

The Rare Cut: 8 of the Rarest Cannabis Strains

  • Malawi Gold.
  • Lamb’s Breath.
  • Panama Red.
  • Amnesia Haze.
  • NYC Diesel.
  • Sweet Tooth.
  • Hindu Kush.
  • Bruce Banner.
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What strain has the longest lasting high?

Though it can be extremely potent, OG Kush is still the perfect example of a long-lasting euphoric high that doesn’t much teeter toward feeling energizing or sleepy—you’ll just be stoned.

What is the strongest runtz strain?


Derived from two heavy hitters, Gelato and Zkittlez, you know this strain doesn’t take any prisoners. As a balanced 50% sativa, 50% indica hybrid, you get the best of both worlds.