Quick Answer: What do you wear to a Renaissance wedding?

What did brides wear in the Renaissance?

The Renaissance Wedding Gown

A dark green gown is worn over the bodice and skirt. It has a high, fitted waist and a square neckline. From the high-waist there is a gathered skirt falling to ankle-level. The length of the bride’s dress is not visible in the painting.

What do you wear to a medieval wedding?

Medieval Bridal Attire

In terms of color, most brides chose dark blue, the color of purity. These wealthier Medieval brides often chose shades of red or gold. Royals and nobles chose materials such as velvet, satin, or silk. Of course, a woman hoped for a silk dress above all others.

What did wedding dresses look like in 1500?

Wedding dresses in the 1500s featured large amounts of fabric. Full-length gowns were the norm, and richer brides wore dresses with trains and long, flowing sleeves to flaunt their wealth. … Elizabethan wedding dresses for upper-class women often had low-cut necklines to draw attention to the bride’s breasts.

What color should the bride’s dress be in Elizabethan times?

The wedding garments belonging to the majority of brides were generally made from Flax, Cotton and wool. Colours came in a variety of different shades: red, blue, greens, white, grey, black, orange and tan. Corsets were occasionally worn but any additional undergarments were rarely heard of.

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What is a Renaissance wedding?

Renaissance bridal customs originated during the Middle Ages. Wedding customs and fashions developed as increased foreign trade brought new ideas to Europe from far away places. Renaissance marriages were often held at the bride’s house. Couples belonging to the nobility would have their weddings in medieval castles.

What is a Cote Hardie?

: a long-sleeved medieval garment that was usually thigh-length and belted for men and full-length for women and that was made to fit closely often by buttoning or lacing.

Can I bring a backpack to the Renaissance Festival?

Bag Checks: All persons, bags, parcels, clothing and other items may be subject to screening/security checks within our site and at the entrance. We reserve the right not to allow any bag, parcel, or other item to be brought into the park, and to deal with any unattended object in such a way as we consider appropriate.

What time period is the Renaissance Faire?

When you enter the gates of the Renaissance Faire, the world of 16th century England awaits. It is the “Golden Age,” the English Renaissance, the time of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth Tudor, who reigned from 1558 to 1603.

How do you act at a Renaissance Faire?

For good street conduct as a faire worker, be you guild or boothie, be courteous and polite, keep in character, and have fun.

  1. Stay in character. …
  2. Keep it “real”. …
  3. Don’t put customers on the spot when gigging. …
  4. Stay in BFA (Basic Faire Accent). …
  5. Don’t talk about the real world. …
  6. Don’t touch customers physically.
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