Your question: Who said why did I marry in Othello?

Why did I marry this honest creature doubtless sees and knows more?

“Why did I marry? This honest creature doubtless sees and knows more, much more than he unfolds.” “I am glad I have found this napkin. This was her first remembrance from the Moor.”

Why does Othello marry Desdemona?

Desdemona marries Othello because she is intrigued by his adventurous past as a soldier who has been to exotic lands. She overhears his stories about his exploits in foreign lands and later asks him to tell these to her in person. … In short, she agrees to marry him because of his mysterious and heroic stories.

What line is she did deceive her father marrying you?

And when she seemed to shake and fear your looks, She loved them most. She lied to her father to marry you. And when she pretended to be afraid of you, she loved you the most.

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What does Iago say about Desdemona?

Iago convinces Othello that Desdemona is cheating and having an affair with Cassio first by manipulating Othello’s own insecurities. Second, in Cassio’s room, he plants a handkerchief that Othello had given to Desdemona, giving the impression that Desdemona had given the handkerchief to Cassio.

Did Desdemona actually cheat on Othello?

Desdemona never cheats on Othello. She loves him and is faithful to him. Iago manipulates Othello through lies and innuendo into thinking that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio.

Did Othello slept with Iago’s wife?

At the end of Act I, scene iii, Iago says he thinks Othello may have slept with his wife, Emilia: “It is thought abroad that ‘twixt my sheets / He has done my office” (I. … iii. 369–370 ).

Does Othello really love Desdemona?

Othello does love Desdemona; it’s possible to look at his violent, jealous love as something other than love, but ultimately, he does love her. Perhaps, though, the love he bears for her is not healthy. Othello kills Desdemona because he sees her supposed indiscretion with Cassio as a betrayal.

Where will Desdemona stay while Othello is away?

Where will Desdemona live while Othello is away? The Duke says that Desdemona should stay with her father, which is quickly rejected. Desdemona wants to go with Othello, but ends up staying with Iago and Emilia. They will meet Othello in Cyprus.

Why does Desdemona fall in love with Othello?

By his own admission, Desdemona fell in love with Othello’s bravery and for surviving many sorrows and tribulations. She pities his past. Othello, in turn, loves the fact that she admires him. From his point of view, he has a loving, obedient wife who admires his ability to endure dangers.

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What did Iago mean when he reminds Othello that she did deceive her father marrying you?

In the given quotation, Brabantio is warning Othello that Desdemona will deceive him, her husband, just as she has deceived her father. Brabantio is telling Othello that he should keep a careful eye on his new wife. … He is implying that Othello should expect Desdemona to betray him, as she has betrayed her father.

Who said she did deceive her father marrying you?

However, Iago only mentions this motivation very briefly, and it does not seem to fully explain the depth of his hatred toward Othello. She did deceive her father, marrying you. (3.3.) Iago makes this comment to Othello as a way of refuting Othello’s insistence that Desdemona is honest and would not lie to him.

Why did Desdemona deceive her father?

Desdemona gives one example of deception when she hides her relationship with Othello from her father. Brabantio says, “O, she deceives me Past thought!” (1.1. 166) Desdemona had reasons for deceiving her father. Her reasons were very simple because she loved her father she wanted to protect him.

Why does Desdemona think Othello is angry?

What does Desdemona think is the cause of Othello’s anger? … Desdemona thinks something must have happened in Venice. Emilia says it looks like Othello is jealous of something or someone. State the two reasons Bianca is upset with Cassio.

What was Emilia’s relationship with Iago Desdemona?

What was Emilia’s relationship with Iago/Desdemona? Iago’s wife; she is Desdemona’s BFF/Mistress.

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