Do you serve dessert at a wedding?

When should dessert be served?

Waiting 15 to 30 minutes before serving dessert lets guests digest their dinner. If you’re throwing a dinner party or just having guests over for dinner, it’s customary to serve dessert.

Do you have to serve cake at wedding?

Since you’re serving a dessert course after dinner, there is no need to have a large cake, too. … Ultimately, it’s your wedding, and if a cake or a dessert cutting isn’t for you, then don’t worry about it. Guests will be just as happy with the other special treats that you have planned.”

Why have a dessert table at a wedding?

While a wedding dessert table can showcase your favorite sweets as a couple, it also gives your guests the freedom to treat themselves to whatever they’d like, making your big day that much more special for your loved ones.

How many desserts should I order for a wedding?

We normally recommend 3-4 mini desserts per person if your guests aren’t eating a slice of cake. As far as options go, you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with too many choices so we typically say only do 2-3 more options than the amount you are allotting each guest.

Which comes first coffee or dessert?

The most formal and traditional way is to serve dessert first, followed by coffee once the dessert plates have been cleared. … I usually offer coffee with dessert since many people I know prefer it that way.

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How long should u wait to have dessert after dinner?

I’ve heard it is better to eat it immediately following a meal because the protein in the meal will help stabilize the blood sugar. But I’m often too full after my meal to enjoy dessert. I’d prefer to wait a couple of hours. In fact, I often crave a sweet bite a couple of hours after eating.

What order do you do things at a wedding reception?

Wedding Reception Order of Events

  1. Receiving Line. …
  2. Cocktail Hour. …
  3. Guests Enter the Reception. …
  4. Wedding Party Entrance. …
  5. Newlyweds’ Grand Entrance. …
  6. First Dance. …
  7. Welcome Speech. …
  8. Reception Meal/Dinner.

What is a dessert table called?

Venetian Table Basics. The Venetian table is basically a dessert buffet of decadent proportions. It appears after dinner is finished and the cake has been cut, a late-hour climax to the reception festivities.