How much is a dance floor for a wedding?

How big should a dance floor be for 75 guests?

When determining the dance floor size you need for your event, keep in mind that typically, only up to 50% of your attending party will be occupying the dance floor at any given time. You should budget 4.5 square feet of space for each person, 9 square feet for each couple.

How big is a 12×12 dance floor?

Popular Wedding Dance Floor Sizes

When it comes to choosing your dance floor size, we have found that a 12’x12′ dance floor usually accommodates a small to medium wedding. That’s 144 square feet.

How do I make sure people dance at my wedding?

How to get your guests on the dance floor

  1. Choose the right DJ or band. It all starts with the music. …
  2. Make it upbeat. Choosing songs that appeal to a variety of demographics can encourage everyone to jump out of their seat to sing and dance to their favorite tune. …
  3. Start with the wedding party. …
  4. Light it up. …
  5. Liquid courage.

Where should the dance floor be at a wedding?

Make the dance floor your center stage.

The bride (and groom) might be the center of attention, but the dance floor’s the center of the party. If you hide it around a corner, in a separate room, or at the very end of a long hall, it’s going to be difficult to pack it.

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How much is a 12×12 dance floor?

For a 12×12 dance floor rental (generally recommended for a wedding with 100 guests), a typical price range is $215 to $325 depending on flooring type. Individual sections typically rent for $5 to $30 each. Wood parquet dance floor rental typically ranges from $215 to $250 for 100 guests at an indoor wedding.

Can you put a dance floor on grass?

It may also make the flooring itself uneven, and an uneven dance floor on grass can be dangerous for dancers. You’ll have the best results if you install the flooring over grass that has been mowed, since it will create a firmer, flatter surface than you’ll have if you’re working with grass that is longer.