What happens at a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony?

Why do Greek brides get spit on?

Guests will pretend to spit on the Bride and Groom to protect them from any evil spirits on their big day! This is generally done three times for greater luck.

What does an Orthodox wedding look like?

The Crowning is the centerpiece of the Eastern Orthodox marriage ceremony. Garland wreaths are often fashioned into ornate crowns as a symbol of glory and honor. … The priest places the crowns on the couple’s heads while they face the altar, then the koumbaros swaps the crowns on the couple’s heads three times.

Is it OK to wear black to a Greek wedding?

White or Black Tie Wedding

With white tie weddings, full evening dress attire is appropriate. For women, gowns should be full length. For men, a tuxedo is the preferred outfit. While black tie is also considered formal, women can get away with wearing a cocktail dress and men can wear a more formal business suit.

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Who pays for a Greek Wedding?

The bride’s parents traditionally plan and pay for the reception. The guests have something of a financial role at the reception as well, however: Guests at a Greek wedding are encouraged to pin money to the bride’s gown as she dances.

How much do you give at a Greek wedding?

Plan to spend around $75-$100 for the wedding gift per person. If you’re attending as a couple, add value to the gift accordingly.

What do you need to get married in a Greek Orthodox church?

A Greek Orthodox man or woman can get married to a non-Orthodox man or woman providing they are Christian and have been baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity. The marriage must also take place in an Orthodox Church by an Orthodox Priest.

Why do Greek Orthodox wear wedding rings on right?

Greek Orthodox couples wear their rings on their right hands in observance of the rings of power, authority, and pledge worn by the Biblical figures Joseph, Daniel, and the prodigal son. … He wore the ring on his right hand as a symbol of compassion and celebration for his hoped-for return.

What do the Greek say when they smash a plate?

The large family gathering ends with the Greek celebratory custom of the breaking of plates. … Jack, while clenching the remaining two plates he owns, throws them up in the air and says “Opa!” and lets them break as well.

Why does the bride step on the groom?

It’s Greek tradition for the bride to try step on the groom’s foot during church service because they say if she does she will be in control of the marriage.

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Do Orthodox weddings have flower girls?

Ring bearer and flower girl (optional) Honor attendants (maid/matron of honor and best man) Bridesmaids and groomsmen. Rabbi and/or cantor.

Do you have to be Orthodox to be married in an Orthodox Church?

While non-Orthodox Christians can marry in the Orthodox Church, an Orthodox Christian is not allowed to marry in a non-Orthodox Church or ceremony. … While it may seem extremely difficult or complex to get married in the Greek Orthodox Church, rest assured it is not.